Villah Nah - Running On

Villa Nah is a combination of two opposites - Tomi & Juho. I met Tomi at an early age before elementary school - we quickly developed a friendship over tiny micro machines toys and macgyver episodes. After school I spent countless of hours at their house, Hearing his big sister's Beatles records in the background and dreaming of never having to do homework ever again. From Helsinki, Finland

Perfect Helsinki based dreamy electronics.


Ladytron - Mirage

Finally a new single by Ladytron and her new album is coming soon!
Ladytron - Mirage by nettwerkmusicgroup

Download Mirage here on Amazon!

Leif And The Future - My Room

A preview from the upcoming album of 'Leif And The Future', due in September.
Somehow this song makes me happy. So it is like 'good mood' Indie pop...
And again it's a band from Oslo, Norway,...
Leif & The Future - My room (mix) by Brilliance Records

Their new single 'Walked Away' has been already released in May!

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LAMA - Flashes

Die neue Single 'Flashes' von LAMA!
Das Album der norwegischen Band kommt am 30. September und die single gibt es hier: http://spoontrain.no/free-download-lama-flashes als kostenlosen download (+Remixes)

The new single 'Flashes' of the norwegian Band LAMA. Their next Album is due on September 30th.
You can download the new single and some remixes here: http://spoontrain.no/free-download-lama-flashes

Lama - Flashes from Lavafilm on Vimeo.


Supermale - Fashion Moves

Indie Synthpop aus Norwegen. Alles was mir bekannt ist, ist dass die Band aus Oslo kommt...
Hat jemand mehr infos?

Indie Synthpop from Norway. All i know is, that they're from Oslo, does anybody have any more information?

Buy on Amazon:


[ Strangers ] - In Chaos

The Strangers - Recht düsterer Indie-Pop aus London. Noch sehr unbekannt. Gestern wurde ihre erste EP veröffentlicht. Hier der aktuelle Song:

The Strangers - Pretty dark indie pop from London. Still very unknown although their first EP has been released yesterday. Here there latest song:


The Drums - Money

Im September kommt das neue Album von 'The Drums'
Hier kann man das neue Album signiert! vorbestellen (limitiert).
Vorab schon die neue Single 'Money'

The new album of 'The Drums' will be released in september.
You can pre-order the new album here as a exclusive signed copy (limited edition).
Here the new single 'Money', taken from the new album:


Lie Craze - Sticks as Arms + Free Album Download

Indie-Elektro aus Koblenz!
Auf Leonie Loretta Scholls Tumblr Seite, gibt es das komplette Debut album gratis! als Download!
Ihr neues Album wird noch diesen Sommer kommen!

Indie-Electro from Koblenz! On Leonie Loretta Scholl's Tumblr Site you're able to download her whole debut album for free!
Her new album will be released this summer!


Juveniles - Night Nights

Wunderbarer New Wave Synthpop der französischen Band 'Juveniles', über die man leider nicht viel Informationen findet.
Auf deren Bandcamp Site: http://juveniles.bandcamp.com/ , gibt es allerdings den Song "We are young" der aktuellen EP als kostenlosen download! Lohnt!

Gorgeous New Wave Synthpop from the french band 'Juvenlies'. Unfortunately there is not much information to find.
But on their Bandcamp site you are able to download the song "We are young" of their latest EP.
Definately worth it!


Kleerup feat. Lykke Li - Until We Bleed (SuprA! Version)

Ein schoener, angenehmer Electro Remix von Kleerups' "Until We Bleed" mit Lykke Li.

A smooth and nice electro remix of Kleerups' "Until We Bleed" together with Lykke Li.


Junica - 'Living In My House' Ft. Pip Brown

Schon im April wurde die erste! Single von 'Junica' veröffentlicht. In Zusammenarbeit mit Pip Brown, besser bekannt als 'Ladyhawke', enstand herrlicher Synthie-Pop. Auf der selbstbetitelten EP 'Junica' finden sich neben der Single 'Living In My House' ausserdem drei Remixes und vier weitere Songs.

Junica have released their first single in April. A collaboration with Pip Brown, better known as Ladyhawke, resulted in this awesome synth-pop single.
Besides the single you can find three remixes and four further Track on their self-titled EP


The Pigeon Detectives - Lost

Nach 3 Jahren Pause meldeten sich die 'Pigeon Detectives' bereits im April mit ihrem neuen Album 'Up, Guards and at ’Em!' zurück. Am 15. August wird die erste Single ausgekoppelt werden: 'Lost'. Melodischer, eingängiger Indie Pop-Rock.

After a break of 3 years they're finally back with their new album 'Up, Guards and at 'Em!', available since April. Their first single 'Lost' from the new album will be released at August the 15th. 
Nice, melodic Indie-Pop-Rock.