Ladytron - Mirage

Finally a new single by Ladytron and her new album is coming soon!
Ladytron - Mirage by nettwerkmusicgroup

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Leif And The Future - My Room

A preview from the upcoming album of 'Leif And The Future', due in September.
Somehow this song makes me happy. So it is like 'good mood' Indie pop...
And again it's a band from Oslo, Norway,...
Leif & The Future - My room (mix) by Brilliance Records

Their new single 'Walked Away' has been already released in May!

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LAMA - Flashes

Die neue Single 'Flashes' von LAMA!
Das Album der norwegischen Band kommt am 30. September und die single gibt es hier: http://spoontrain.no/free-download-lama-flashes als kostenlosen download (+Remixes)

The new single 'Flashes' of the norwegian Band LAMA. Their next Album is due on September 30th.
You can download the new single and some remixes here: http://spoontrain.no/free-download-lama-flashes

Lama - Flashes from Lavafilm on Vimeo.


Supermale - Fashion Moves

Indie Synthpop aus Norwegen. Alles was mir bekannt ist, ist dass die Band aus Oslo kommt...
Hat jemand mehr infos?

Indie Synthpop from Norway. All i know is, that they're from Oslo, does anybody have any more information?

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